Advent Devotion – Love Came Down

Love Came Down

Advent is the story of how Love came down from heaven to earth—how God Himself became a tiny human baby for the sake of a world that didn’t recognize Him when He came. This is an astounding story; no other religion has anything like it. And that is no surprise—no human imagination could come up with something so unexpected and yet so wonderful. That God would humble Himself so for our sake—that He would take on human flesh and blood— that He would ultimately lay down His own life on a cross, and then rise again, so that we might share His eternal life—who could make this story up?

And yet, for most of us, the story is so familiar we have trouble hearing it anymore. So let’s look at it anew. During the next few weeks, we’ll look at the story of how Love came down to earth from a variety of perspectives. Some will be familiar. Some may surprise you. But in all of them we will see God working to prepare the way for Jesus, His Son, to come to us—and to lead us home to Him.

Starts Tomorrow!


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