Reveal IT: A Great Day

Reveal-IT-LogoOn Sunday 16th March, Bethany Worshippers were overjoyed! Not every Sunday do we have two baptisms! Little Blake and big Phillip, one sprinkled, one dipped in a specially arranged pool of water.

In a splash of water together with the Word the gift of grace was given to both young men, together with a BIG welcome to God’s family! Thank you Lord!

Phillip shares a little of his story with us and we pray that Blake will one day share his story too.

‘Hello, my name is Phillip Gillespie and I am 15 years old. In my family I have an older sister Alicia and she is 18 years old and is travelling to Japan for an exchange high school program. I also live with Mum (Ros) and Dad (Reon), my step Dad, at Raceview.

I attend St Peter Claver College where I am in Year 10. I enjoy Drama, English, Robotics and Woodwork. I spend my free time using the computer, playing computer and playing computer games, and on sport. I also enjoy spending time with family and going to the movies.

I came to know God by going to church, attending small group and simply reading the Bible. My baptism means a whole lot to me and when I pass from this life I can be accepted into God’s hands. In my life I see Christ being real in my everyday, your everyday. I see God protecting me and people I care about and He listens to and answers my prayers.

I find God is always there for us and is willing to help. Think about all the things about you that man didn’t make. They all come from the hand of God. He is always there for us and never gives up on us. He is our best friend, so give Him a go!’

Phillip Gillespie, member of Bethany congregation and the Ipswich Lutheran Parish.


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