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My husband has midnight black hair, brown eyes that can see into your soul, a face that could rival an angels’,  a heart that is as big the world, and the patience of a saint. ( apparently  I can be a little stubborn at times..!)

I met my husband 11 years ago at the age of 16 and after a coffee together, I agreed to go on a date with him. We had a wonderful and fun first date of skating, which involved a lot of falling on my behalf, some bowling, which involved a lot of losing on my behalf and of course of a tour of Mt. Cootha’s beautiful  lights. We were inseparable from there on out.

We have had many happy and memorable moments together including the birth of our three gorgeous children.  We have even had the age old fight – “put the toilet seat down”. Needless to say its no longer a problem.

However tragedy struck  our family 3 short years ago. Our beautiful nephew was born into this world with a rare liver disease, and needed a new liver to survive. He was put on the doner list and had to wait.  This was a very trying and stressful time with our family, as we did not know how long we had with our beautiful and strong baby nephew.

When the opportunity for testing family members for a possible match for a donor came up, there was no hesitation and soon I found out I was a match.

Shortly after the surgeries  began. My nephew and myself underwent huge operations to complete the donation.

By the grace of God and the blessed hands of very skilled surgeons  we both came though the surgeries whole and recovered and our nephew  is now living the life of a happy and healthy little boy.

But not ever for one moment through all of this, did I not feel 110% supported, loved and cherished by husband. He is my rock, my best friend, a confidante, a person who loves me unconditionally and always gives the best advice without judgement.

If I was to give anyone any advice in regards to love and marriage it would be: wedding pic 2
Love unconditionally, even their faults.
Always talk! Talk about life, problems, worries no matter how big or small.
Tell them and show them you love them. Women are not the only ones who want to hear this!
And put the toilet seat down!!!

by Alyce

Alyca Di Rosa worships at Bethany, Raceview Campus with her beautiful family.

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  1. Val Lucas says:

    Beautiful story of GOD’S grace and mercy.

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